It’s Kawaii! Ainori – Japanese TV Show Binging

Thanks to Netflix and its persistent Asian invasion, my husband and I got hooked on a TV show, pardon, REALITY TV show called ”Ainori – Love Wagon”

It was my husbands restless browsing for anything travel or Asia or travel-Asia related that led him to this discovery and he actually watched the entire first season without me. They filmed in Thailand that could most certainly be my husband’s favorite country), (he visited several times). Then they traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore… I joined in the second season and immediately got hooked on it’ too. Now what’s the deal?

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“Ainori – Love Wagon” is, as its name implies, a dating reality show that brings together four guys and three girls on board of a cute but not very comfortable pink minibus to travel around Asia in a very basic, low-budget manner with a unique goal of creating the couples. That means they have to try their best to fall in love on the scene. Not awkward at all! If one of them falls for someone, he or she needs to confess their love and offer a pink envelope with a plane ticket to Japan which the other party can accept or reject without any consequences.  Once rejected, the contestant stays behind but Aionori moves on carrying the person who rejected them. Oh, I forgot, crying a river is mandatory! Both men and women cry a lot to a point where it becomes ridiculous.

The entire show is ridiculous but you just want to see more. What kind of scene will Depparin make? Will Shy Boy find his love? Where will they go next? Will Tom finally stop crying like a baby? Ah, Tom! That is how we started binge watching it and fell in love with the intro song because it is so KAWAII!  I told my husband if by chance I had known about this song before our wedding, in all seriousness, I would have used it for our first dance. It became our song! And we love it.


”Ainori – Love Wagon” is a cute project that showed us the side of japan that we couldn’t have possibly known, the manners of their youth, cultural differences and ideas. On a serious note, in every country they visited, the show taught the contestants a lesson on human conditions, hardships, violation of human rights and often shocking traditions that are still practiced. That was a nice touch.

In the mean time, the shows intro gave a nice soundtrack to our married life and as you can see in the video, the song is with us wherever we go. Here we are on a casual walk in Florya when we just randomly started humming the tune and that is how our little kawaii video was made. Do you have a kawaii song to share with us?


Have you recently to your own surprise binge-watched a TV show that you normally wouldn’t? Is there a song you hum with your loved one? Leave a comment and make sure to check out my other videos on Allmasy.


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