Missy & the Box – Our Cat Is a Ripper

Missy and the Box could be the name of the series of our cat’s mischief with the boxes all around our house. She is simply obsessed with the cardboard of any shape while she, of course, prefers boxes to any of them.

When we moved to our new apartment, it is only understandable that, once we unpacked, we were left with piles of cardboard boxes that we stashed on our balcony for our next move. If you never moved house, you don’t know to how things could get complicated once you can’t find enough of these.

So, as they stayed stashed on our balcony closed in glass, and as we moved on with our lives, we soon forgot the move and the boxes. Missy did not forget. Since she is a more frequent user of any space in our house than my husband and I, she made sure to adapt it to her own pleasure. That included the above mentioned, precious cardboard boxes. Do I need to describe what happened? Our Missy the Mischief (therefore the name) went on a spree biting and tearing apart all the cardboard that she could reach including the boxes with our cables and extra stuff. They were all eaten and torn as if we had a mouse and not a cat in our place. Most of the boxes were actually covered in sheets and canvas but, as I said, she had time to dig. She dug and dug and needless to say how shocked we were when we opened the stash to take a few things out.

Once we discovered her destructive obsession, we hid most of the important stuff but we also had to give up on a few for her own pleasure and thanks to our laziness. Lack of storage area in our small place also contributed to our serial box-ripper so I came across the damage in the wardrobe where I was keeping the spices set, a pack I received from my friend Elif after our wedding. The entire box, especially the  corners and edges have teeth marks and holes. Quite charming! Thanks, Missy.

Naturally, we couldn’t get mad at our `cute bastard` because she is the source of endless joy in our little family, we just need to be more careful, that’s all. Every now and then, I throw and empty egg box for her to play. We could understand from the beginning that Missy was not into fancy toys, she is a rough ginger who likes to sleep, eat, watch birds and – eat boxes.

If you do not believe my words, here’s a video as an evidence of her destructive determination. Watch with caution! If you love tavla/backgammon or if you are allergic to adorable gingers, watch it anyways. You only live once!


For more fun videos click this link and enjoy!

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