Magnificent Turkey Through the Lense Of A Francophone

This post is not inspired by any of my adventurous outs and abouts but by the sheer, straightworward and uncorrupted beauty shown through the lense of Özlem Dogan, an artist whose photography touches the soul.

Özlem is an educator, a French teacher and an excuisite person whose clear soul radiates through her work. She calls herself an amateur photographer but soon you will dismiss the thought that there is anything amateur about her. She is simply natural at what she does.

Most of the photos were taken in enchanting places of Turkey and often include interesting people and, as Özlem herself said, each and every one of them tells a story. The purpose of any form art is to engage, provoke, please, and give food for senses and mind. Therefore, I will let you enjoy these gems here in the gallery that this talented photographer selflessly granted to my blog. Please note that although not watermarked (Özlem is far from any sort of pretension) every photo is copyrighted.

For more photos and in order to contact the artist, check her Instagram profile ozlemdoqan

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